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It was All a Dream

by Robin Yoon

I went to sleep
late at night
and I had a dream
that I could not block.

I had a time
when my brother was lost,
which was when we went to Italy
where all the trees wore bright, warm colours.

I looked around
and it was completely blurry.
I didn�t know if I was getting carried away
until I saw people coming towards me.

I was sprinting, running, jogging
just to find my brother
and no one appeared in my eyes until,
I saw my mother.

I had no clue what was happening
right in front of my face.
There was a group of intimidating adults
that ran up to me like I was the finish line of a race.

I saw my mom slowly walking towards me after everyone left;
she smiled.
I woke up which made me notice;
I was the only child.