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The Pariah

by Carina Watson

The girl is different, her bag is bright
Her face is cheerful, her eyes alight
She grins and waves to others and I
As if this darkness is but a lie
She dares to walk our shadowed streets
With straightened back, and voice not meek
They say she came from lands afar
And has come to end old, lengthened spars
Quite noble, I think this child must be
And for once, I smile, at her spirit free
Indeed, she fights and earns far off stares
Though being her, she likely not cares
But no matter her oddities, she brings us life
I feel my hauntings cut away, as if by knife
I watch as she gazes silently at the gate
Remain in this dark, or abandon hope for it, which fate?
I picture my neighbours, "Go, leave us to our decay!"
But I find my voice whispering, "I hope you stay."