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Healthy Aging

Today, thoughts of aging gracefully have been replaced by efforts to age successfully. As we age and look forward to longer life expectancies than past generations, we strive to age with good health. How do we do this? By eating nutritiously. Limiting alcohol. Keeping physically active. Staying connected with our friends and family. Seeking medical treatment when necessary. These are the right steps toward healthy aging. And with good health, we can enjoy life and pursue new dreams and endeavors as we age. Good health includes both physical and mental well-being. And the two go hand in hand. A healthy mind contributes to a healthy body. The mind, like the body, benefits from low blood pressure, low cholesterol, nourishing food, a healthy weight, and physical activity. There are many healthy lifestyle choices we can make to keep our bodies healthy and avoid illness and disability. There are additional steps we can take to help preserve healthy minds. [from the Geriatric Mental Health Foundation]

Selected Library Resources on Healthy Aging